Lockdown Diary – Day 8

Finished my last shift on the Guardian until May. I am looking forward to being able to switch off for a month, although I think that will be easier said than done. When this year began we were figuring on taking a family holiday in April, as Alice had booked the first three weeks off and Charlie was due to be home for most of tie month. We had not got around to booking anything by the time this pandemic blew up, luckily. So now our holiday will be spent in the house and the garden, with an occasional trip to the handful of shops that are still open.

On my lunch break I walked into town and it is so quiet now you can hear people talking who are 50 metres behind you as if they are right next to you. Hardly any cars on the roads and almost no aircraft flying over. We are right in between Gatwick and Heathrow so normally have lots of planes going over. But today Gatwick had 30 scheduled departures for the whole day.

Still feeling very weary and have had a dull headache all day that paracetamol did nothing for. Don’t think it’s the bug, just mental exhaustion and stress. Tomorrow is a new month. I think it’s going to be a long, hard one. Hope I am wrong.

Oh, as I was just about to publish this, I got a notification that Richard E Grant had liked one of my tweets! Tomorrow I might have to celebrate with the finest wines available to humanity!

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