Lockdown Diary – Day 5

Well, up until a few weeks ago I had thought I would be spending my birthday driving up to Birmingham to bring Charlie and some of his gear home for his Easter break. Instead we’re all home and safe, thank goodness..

Alice braved a trip to the local butcher’s, where she had to wait in a socially distanced queue to get some nice (ridiculously expensive) steaks for my birthday supper. So I am looking forward to that.

And we all just went for a nice walk together. There were quite a few people, families, couples and individuals out stretching their legs. Unfortunately our streak of nice, sunny days has come to an end and a lengthy cold snap is in the forecast. I think our blue tits must know this as they still haven’t started building a nest in either box.

Working from home tomorrow. Might be switched to the news desk. Not really looking forward to it if that happens. Only one more day of work after tomorrow and then it’s the big vacation.

Late update: Charlie played a mini-gig for my birthday present tonight and he was amazing as ever! BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury 2021 for sure!


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