Lockdown Diary – Day 2

Another beautiful sunny morning, all is quiet apart from the singing birds. The reduction in air pollution might be a silver lining in this crisis. Already the quality of light has improved noticeably and colours seem more vibrant.

Last night the sky was crystal clear and the stars were bright. They are even noticing it on the International Space Station. Maybe when this is over a lot more people, our politicians especially, will start taking the climate crisis more seriously. We now have had a glimpse of how much better the world could be, and yes it has taken extreme actions to get here but the targets set in the Paris climate agreement now seem too little and too distant.

I am working from home today. Can’t say I am looking forward to a day immersed in pandemic news and opinion. But I am so thankful that I don’t have to travel in to London.

We are all still doing well here. Both I and Alice have for the past week or so had a slight tingly feeling in our chests, and I have had the occasional cough, not dry and not persistent, and a bit of a drippy nose. No headaches, no temperature. Probably just a cold. But I wonder if perhaps this is it, coronavirus, and I am fighting it off or it is not a severe case? Only time will tell.


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