Lockdown Diary – Day 1

I have decided to start keeping a diary during the coronavirus lockdown here in the UK. I know it is unlikely that anyone will read it but I am doing it as much for my own mental health as anything else. So here goes:

It’s a beautiful, sunny spring morning and I have started this day like I do most days, sitting with my coffee watching the birds in our garden through the kitchen window. There don’t seem to be as many birds around as there usually are. Are they locked down too? But the pair of blue tits we are hoping will nest in one of our two boxes are on the scene. They hopefully will be providing us with a much-needed distraction over the coming weeks.

I am still a bit confused by the rules of this lockdown. We are only allowed out for specific things once a day. But does this mean I can’t go out alone in the garden? No chance of spreading the virus there. Not sure how it could be enforced unless a police helicopter flies over while I am out topping up the bird feeders. Or a neighbour rats me out!

We are allowed to go out for one form of exercise once a day and I am hoping to go for a run. I haven’t been running since 11 March and really need to get back in the groove. Wonder if my Nike Run Club app can be used as evidence that I am only doing one run a day if I get stopped!


I didn’t manage to go for a run but went for a walk around Reigate instead. I was eerily quiet. I took a few photos.

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