Do the right thing, Kenny

markbuehrle2.jpgWatching the soap opera that is Mark Buehrle’s contract negotiations with the White Sox is like riding a rollercoaster. Up one day, then a sharp drop the next. This morning we’re at the bottom of the sharp drop, and hoping the ride goes up again before it ends. A no-trade clause appears to be a deal-breaker, with Buehrle wanting it and the Sox management not wanting to give it. This seems totally ridiculous. Buehrle wants to stay, and by finally (apparently) offering him a long-term contract (which the Sox never do with pitchers), it would appear they want him to stay. So what’s the problem, Kenny? He wants to stay, you want him to stay. He doesn’t want to be traded, you don’t want to trade him (if you did, he’d be gone by now). So do the right thing and give him what he wants. Mark Buerhle will be the cornerstone of the Sox rotation for the next four years. His likes are not easy to find, or replace. Just do it, dammit!

Update: Yes!

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