And then it ended…

tony.jpgI’ve spent the past three days trying to avoid the internet, television, radio and anywhere else that might reveal something that I didn’t want to know until I saw if for myself.

Now, having “acquired” the final episode of The Sopranos (it won’t be aired in the UK for months) and watched it tonight, I’m glad I succeeded in keeping myself in isolation. For it was truly amazing. My heart stopped (my first reaction was I’d downloaded a copy of the show that had cut off the key final moments… and then the credits rolled). I had to rewind and watch the last few minutes again, just to make sure. I felt angry and disappointed for about 0.005 seconds, then realised it couldn’t have ended any other way. But just to make sure I hadn’t fallen victim to some cruel internet prank, I googled up the reviews and commentary (of which there was no shortage).

The best line I’ve read is from Tim Goodman in the Chronicle: “For those people who felt cheated and/or betrayed by the ending, well, it could be you were watching the wrong series the entire time.”

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