Is that R2-D2 behind you?

r2.jpgCharlie looks like he’s just realised a mischievous droid is sneaking up on him during today’s visit to Star Wars – The Exhibition in London. The high point was Jedi School, where our Padawan learned some slick moves with a lightsaber and even defeated Darth Vader in battle! Note to George Lucas: Charlie is available to write, direct and star in episode seven…

Preparing for a plague of New Yorkers

02surrey2_190.jpgOh, no! Look what’s turned up in the real estate section of the New York Times! Just what we don’t need around here, New Yorkers! We’re not sure about the figures they quote for average house prices here, though. Seem a little on the low side. And just look at the place those poor people paid £200,000 for! It looks like an ancient Holiday Inn somewhere west of Omaha!