is back – and finally works on a Mac

The eagerly anticipated start of another baseball season brings joy at last for Mac owners who have struggled to watch for the past two season. They’ve finally released a Mac version of the Mosaic player and it seems to work, sort of. But it’s only for people with some kind of fantasy league fetish to feed – who else would want to watch six games at once?

I subscribed to the new “premium” service which is an extra $30 a season but well worth it even if you never use Mosaic (and believe me, you really don’t want to use Mosaic). The premium service nearly doubles the streaming quality from 400k to 700k and the difference is instantly noticeable. That’s a screen shot of tonight’s Sox v Tribe game in full screen on the QuickTime player. Much sharper, no stuttering images and the sound is finally in sync with the action on a Mac.

So beleaguered Mac baseball fans rejoice! Fork out the extra $30 but avoid Mosaic and enjoy a great season of baseball as it’s meant to be watched, one game at a time via the media center. Oh, and if you have any problems, make sure you have installed the Flip4Mac plug-in. For more general problems, check the commendable new blog, where a resident geek just might be able to solve your problem if you post a comment. They do seem to be working hard to get it all working the way you’d expect something you pay $120 a season for. And thanks to the blog, you can avoid the joke that is’s so-called customer support line.

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