Flashy new router

My supposedly high-speed internet connection has been a little flaky lately – very slow and lots of dropped connections. At first I thought it must be the fault of the internet service provider but finally realised it was the broadband modem that I’ve been using for at least six years. It was never an easy thing to configure, and eventually it failed completely. So off to PC World in search of a new one. Unfortunately, it is just about impossible to buy one that isn’t wireless, and I didn’t really need that since the good old Airport Extreme was still working just fine. But in the end I came home with the Netgear model above, complete with lots of blue flashing lights. Suddenly, I’m getting the 8Mb speed I’ve been paying for and the Netgear is much easier to set up to handle the ridey.net mail server, web server and everything else. I figured I’d put the Airport in the front of the house to act as a wireless bridge (the wireless signal is a bit weak in the sitting room), but Airport Extremes and Netgears don’t play together at all. So it’s been relegated to the cupboard where I keep all my other outdated technology. Maybe I should open a museum of redundant computer hardware!

BA? No way!

Well, British Airways may offer the only non-stop flight from London to Phoenix, but we’ll be damned if we ever fly with the money grubbing bastards again! They’re going to charge £240 ($480) per bag if you want to check in more than one bag per person. That’s on top of the £70 so-called “fuel surcharge” they whack on to every long-haul airfare. Add to that the most thoroughly unpleasant cabin crews in the industry and you’ve got a real recipe for success. Virgin Atlantic via Vegas is looking pretty good to us.

More snow, bigger snowman!

bigger_snowman.jpgWe had more snow overnight and it was the perfect snowman making kind (but definitely too wet for snow angels), so Charlie and Daddy hurried out before school and quickly made this big fella. Couldn’t find any lumps of coal so had to make do with rich tea biscuits for the eyes and mouth! Sadly, he toppled over a few hours later and, as usual, most of the snow was gone by late afternoon. Oh well, maybe we’ll be third time lucky with the snow this winter!