Trick or treat!

P1000590.jpgOur jack-‘o-lanterns are lighting the doorway for lots of ghouls and goblins who are out tonight in Reigate. We’ve almost run out of candy and it’s not yet 8pm! After a very warm month of October, the weather finally turned windy and cool today, bringing down enough leaves to make it seem more Halloweenish. Now a bright moon is adding to the spooky atmosphere. Happy Halloween!

Way to go, Mags!

mags.jpgThe disappointment of the White Sox failing to make the playoffs was eased at least a bit by two former Sox stars getting their chance at the big prize. The Big Hurt had a great year, but failed miserably when it really mattered. But Magglio Ordonez lived up to our expectations and then some. We’ll be cheering for Mags and the Tigers to sweep whichever of the inferior league’s teams end up in the World Series.

As for the Sox, no point in asking what went wrong. What went wrong were the Tigers (and to a much lesser extent, the Twins). The Sox won 90 games. Only four teams in the Majors won more (only one in the National League). Unfortunately, two of them were in the AL Central. So no big changes needed next year. But we do see Juan Pierre in the outfield (replacing Scott Podsednik) and Barry Zito joining the pitching staff (with Juan Vasquez moving to the bullpen). How many days until spring training starts?