Come on, England!


Charlie’s ready for the big match today as England begin their World Cup campaign against Paraguay – and like many other England supporters he might be tempted to watch with his eyes closed! Come 2pm, all the streets will be empty of people – and all the pubs will be heaving. We’ll be cheering for Beckham, Gerrard, Terry, Lampard & Co at home. This time, we really do think they’ll go all the way. It’s by far the best England team in a generation. England expects…

Just in time for the World Cup…



That’s a screen grab of the start of the first match of Germany 2006, as it appeared on my Mac, thanks to my new Miglia TV mini. I just plugged it into a USB port and it turned my Mac mini into a digital TV receiver. So now I can watch 72 free-to-air stations and use the EyeTV software that comes with the TV mini to pause live TV, record shows and burn them on to DVDs. Fantastic! What with 64 matches and 96 hours of football to watch in the next month, this thing’s going to save a lot of arguing over who gets to watch what on telly in our house!