The Big Chill

Our frosty garden this morning. It’s still only November, but we’re already having very cold weather, down to -7C (19F) last night. I don’t remember it ever getting this cold this early in the winter. There’s been lots of speculation that we’re in for a harsh winter, like this extract from an article in the Sunday Times last month:
“The Met Office says there is a two in three chance of its predicted cold dry winter coming true, with fears it could be as bad as the winter of 1962-63, the worst in the past 50 years.
Britain froze from December 1962 to the beginning of March 1963. Ice floes on the Thames knocked against Tower Bridge in London, the sea froze out to half a mile at Herne Bay, Kent, and a 36-hour blizzard with 70mph gusts of wind buried much of western England in snow with 20ft drifts.”
Time to buy some new longjohns, I think!