The Hawk Harrelson Soundboard

OK, for all those Sox fans out there missing the dulcet tones of Hawk during the post-season (and I know you do because the leading search term for people coming to this site lately is “You can put it on the board”), I’ve created a Hawk Harrelson Soundboard! Feel free to use it at the appropriate moments during the World Series. Go Sox!

Dot Mac: The Demise

We’ve decided not to renew our annual subscription to .Mac, which means both Alice’s and my .Mac email addresses are no more. Please use the alternatives, which I won’t list here so as to avoid helping out the spammers. If you don’t already know our alternative email addresses, leave a comment. The demise of .Mac also means that our .Mac website is gone, so you’ll have to come directly to for photos, videos and anything else. Apologies for the inconvenience, but I couldn’t see paying $100 for something I hardly ever use, having turned to gmail, flickr and just doing it myself, web hosting-wise. Onwards and upwards!