Record Uptime Redux

A few weeks ago, I was bragging about the record uptime the iMac that hosts had achieved. I’d thought no more of it until tonight, when I was notified via email that someone had posted a comment on that particular item. My curiosity then caused me to look through my web server’s access logs. In the past few days, three visitors, including the comment poster, came to via a Google search for record uptime, for which Google returns 292,000 results, and for which my humble boast comes top.
Now that’s weird, but why did visitors from Brookline Mass, Cherry Hill, NJ, and Hacienda Heights, CA, all find me using the same search terms within the space of 48 hours?
Am I wrong to smell a rat? Perhaps not. Doing a whois on the domain name of the comment poster would seem to confirm my suspicions that things are not as they appear.

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