The Gone Gone Sox

White Sox GM Ken Williams has done it again. He just traded Carlos Lee for a pair of Who’s Hes? Here is what the official Sox website says about Carlos Lee: “They moved Lee, one of their most consistent offensive producers and a player who appears to be on the verge of stardom in the American League.”

And here’s what they got for him: “After nine injury-plagued years in the minors, Podsednik received his chance when the Brewers traded Alex Sanchez in May 2003, and he had a Rookie of the Year-caliber season. There was a precipitous dropoff for Podsednik in 2004, when his on-base percentage (.313) was lower than his 2003 batting average (.314).”

And: “Vizcaino, 30, acquired in a minor trade with Oakland before the 2002 season, struggled in 2003, when coaches suspected a shoulder injury that he never admitted to.”

There is a player to be named later, of course. At this rate, he will be the guy who sells brats at Miller Park.
Nice work, Kenny.

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