Help Them

Words cannot begin to describe the shock and horror at what has happened in South East Asia and the Indian Ocean region. All we can do is send our thoughts and prayers, and most important of all, our money. Get your credit card out now, and give what you can.

The Gone Gone Sox

White Sox GM Ken Williams has done it again. He just traded Carlos Lee for a pair of Who’s Hes? Here is what the official Sox website says about Carlos Lee: “They moved Lee, one of their most consistent offensive producers and a player who appears to be on the verge of stardom in the American League.”

And here’s what they got for him: “After nine injury-plagued years in the minors, Podsednik received his chance when the Brewers traded Alex Sanchez in May 2003, and he had a Rookie of the Year-caliber season. There was a precipitous dropoff for Podsednik in 2004, when his on-base percentage (.313) was lower than his 2003 batting average (.314).”

And: “Vizcaino, 30, acquired in a minor trade with Oakland before the 2002 season, struggled in 2003, when coaches suspected a shoulder injury that he never admitted to.”

There is a player to be named later, of course. At this rate, he will be the guy who sells brats at Miller Park.
Nice work, Kenny.

We are not worthy …

I was looking through my web server logs, as one does at 11:30pm when you should really be in bed, and I noticed someone had visited via a Google search for “the tubes live”. (Last week I saw the Tubes in London and posted a photo from the show taken with my new mobile phone.) Now figure this one out: Google returns 2,1700,000 results for “the tubes live”. The entry I posted last week ranks 10th! Huh? Is the weblog somehow far more powerful a force in the blogosphere than I had assumed? Now I’ve never claimed to be an Alpha Blogger, but Google never lies, does it? I’m definitely going to have to brush up my act, and post more often and much more interestingly…