I want my mlb.tv

This time last year I was thrilled to be able to watch live baseball over the Internet. So far this year has been nothing but frustration, as the new so-called media player MLB.TV is using this season doesn’t work very well on Macs. In particular, it doesn’t go to full screen view.
I’ve emailed them and got back a fairly swift reply (amazing in itelf, as last year they were impossible to reach), and they promised that they were going to rectify the problem and in the meantime offered a workaround. Which didn’t workaround at all (eg, “try right-clicking on the screen” … right-clicking, on a Mac? and “try hitting Open Apple+3”, if anyone knows what that means, please let me know!) So until they get it sorted out, I’ll have my nose stuck to the computer screen watching the tiny media player window.
If you wonder why MLB.TV took something that worked well and messed it up, that’s called “innovation” in the Internet world. Oh, and did I mention that Microsoft gave MLB.TV $40 million just before the start of the season? Now I’m sure that has nothing to do with why MLB.TV no longer works on a Mac. Just a coincidence, really.

Too pooped to post

We’ve all be suffering from jetlag after our trip to Phoenix, so haven’t managed to post anything to this blog since our return. Plus, leaving the digital camera’s memory card on Dad’s desk has meant there aren’t any photos to post at the moment. Not much has been going on anyway, apart from my starting a new job at AOL UK. More about that when I have the energy.