A little too close to home

One of the eight terrorist suspects arrested in the UK today was nabbed at the Holiday Inn in Horley. We drive past it every time we go to our local supermarket, which is right next door. The half-ton of weapons grade amonium nitrate fertilizer was, fortunately, found much farther away, in west London.

A real head case

Gavin is being threatened with a libel action by John Gray, the multimillionaire pop psychologist/author (Men are From Venus, etc etc), who quite obviously has an inferiority complex. It would appear that “Doc” Gray doesn’t want people to know that his alleged doctoral degree came from a bogus diploma mill called Columbia Pacific University, which was subsequently closed down by the California attorney general. A word of friendly advice to John Gray: never pick a fight with a Corkman.

Bush’s bad science

“The Bush White House is purging, censoring and blacklisting scientists and engineers whose work threatens the profits of the administration’s corporate paymasters or challenges the ideological underpinnings of their radical anti-environmental agenda. Indeed, so extreme is this campaign that more than 60 scientists, including Nobel laureates and medical experts, released a statement on 18 February that accuses the Bush administration of deliberately distorting scientific fact ‘for partisan political ends’.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr writing in The Nation