Panther + Perl = Perplexed

I upgraded to Panther last weekend, and all went well, almost. The new Mac operating system changed to a version of Perl that was no longer on speaking terms with the MySQL database that powers this weblog. After several very late nights spent searching various forums and googling for a solution, I finally found one that actually worked. All I had to do was a little commando-style command line work. Anyway, it obviously worked if you can read this. So all is again well with the world! If you’ve come here looking for a solution, good luck. Meanwhile, try this.

On the air!

We proudly introduce Radio Free Reigate. To listen, you’ll need any old MP3 player software (iTunes, Quicktime, Real Player, etc, although Windows Media Player doesn’t seem to, big surprise!) So just click here. It should download a file and open your MP3 player of choice. We’re currently putting some cool jazz out on to the Internet airwaves. We’re using the brand new Nicecast software just released by those geniuses at Rogue Amoeba.