A hidden message in spam?

Here’s a strange one. When I launched the Unix terminal application this evening it told me I had mail. So I checked it and there was a single email in the inbox. When I read it I found this curious string of words included in the email’s html coding:

chlorine libertarian sheaf articulatory eastwood =
dodecahedron convolve conservatism downright suffragette =
penicillin toni oblivion rubicund profit =
math mot mutt riddle alternate =
legging profligate appointe epicycle blackbird =
rousseau kipling difficulty johann indestructible =
baxter gogo coulomb ignominious bryce =
formate ewing precipitable hydrothermal port =
notwithstanding integrity bostonian conductor obscene =

So I launched mail.app and read it in the usual way and discovered that it was yet another piece of spam trying to sell me Viagra and other various pills. It looked like this:

So I have to ask you, Mariano Benavides (marianobenavides@dietreminder), what does it all mean?

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