Concorde’s final flight

We’ve got the live streaming webcam pointed skywards in the hopes of catching Concorde as it makes it’s final passes over our house. The three last flights are scheduled to land at Heathrow around 4pm local time. You can track BA Flight 2 on it’s way from JFK to Heathrow here. And, of course, you’ll be able to see the landing live on the BBC.

A big day for a novice geek!

After five years of being graciously and proficiently hosted by Chris, in California, the domain now resides on the iMac here in Reigate. So far, so good. For my next trick, I will attempt to run a mail server. In the meantime, replace any bookmarks or blogrolls to with the corresponding pages on


We’ve had some problems with the MySQL database that stores this blog’s data. We’ve been able to restore several entries that had temporarily disappeared, but I’m afraid we can’t resurrect comments made on those entries. Feel free to repost comments, or not!