So the Cubs make the playoffs and the White Sox head for the golf course.
Still, the Sox had a great year, but when you lose seven games to a team that only won 43 games all season, you don’t deserve to make the playoffs.
The low point came Saturday night. The Cubs-Pirates game was live on cable, so I switched it off and went upstairs to watch the Sox game on But WGN had decided to stay with the celebrations at Wrigley Field, reducing the Sox game to a tiny corner of the screen.

Radio Thrift Shop

I listen to more Internet radio than conventional radio these days. Harry Shearer, Kevin Matthews, and, of course, APHC are favourites. Now I’ve added a new show to that list: Radio Thrift Shop with Laura Cantrell. Three hours a week of good music you don’t often hear elsewhere. The recent tribute to Johnny Cash being a prime example. Laura Cantrell, in addition to having a radio show on WFMU in Jersey City, NJ, is herself a pretty amazing singer. More amazing still, until recently, she had a pretty good day job.

Friday in the park with Charlie

Charlie at the playground in Priory Park this morning. He loves walking along the tops of these wooden posts, and for a few months now he has been able to keep his balance right to the end — and there are 30 of them! We’ve spent many a Friday morning here in the last few years, but today was the last. Next Friday morning Charlie will be in school. Guess we’ll just have to come to the park in the afternoon …

It’s gut-check time

The White Sox play three games in Minnesota starting this evening. I fear they need to sweep the Twinkies if they are to win the division. After these games, the Sox finish the season against Kansas City (77-72) and the Yankees (93-57), while the Twins play two games with lowly Cleveland (65-86) and an incredible eight games with Detroit (38-111), currently on course to become the worst team in the history of baseball. Who drew up this schedule?!