So the Cubs make the playoffs and the White Sox head for the golf course.
Still, the Sox had a great year, but when you lose seven games to a team that only won 43 games all season, you don’t deserve to make the playoffs.
The low point came Saturday night. The Cubs-Pirates game was live on cable, so I switched it off and went upstairs to watch the Sox game on But WGN had decided to stay with the celebrations at Wrigley Field, reducing the Sox game to a tiny corner of the screen.

Radio Thrift Shop

I listen to more Internet radio than conventional radio these days. Harry Shearer, Kevin Matthews, and, of course, APHC are favourites. Now I’ve added a new show to that list: Radio Thrift Shop with Laura Cantrell. Three hours a week of good music you don’t often hear elsewhere. The recent tribute to Johnny Cash being a prime example. Laura Cantrell, in addition to having a radio show on WFMU in Jersey City, NJ, is herself a pretty amazing singer. More amazing still, until recently, she had a pretty good day job.