Evil bots

OK, so I GREPed my access_log and, sure enough, the Cyveillance bots had been visiting on two consecutive days in March, only accessing about six pages in all. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for me, most of what is hosted at www.ridey.net is password protected, so the bots got a 403 for their efforts . Then I ssh’d into Chris’s machine, where ridey.net and this weblog are hosted, and found Cyveillance had been to the weblog about 355 times in the matter of a few days. I’m sure they found lots of
interesting stuff. Especially on Charlie, my three year old’s weblog.

I suppose the most worrying thing about all of this is that Cyveillance
is obviously something that lots of people already know about. Just
imagine the things going on that we have yet to uncover, keeping in mind
that the CIA has a venture
capital outfit
in Silicon Valley.

And closer to home, there’s Autonomy, once one of Britain’s
dotcom darlings, now, with more than a little help from Doctor Evil (aka
), making profits by helping Dubya & Co trample our civil liberties in the name of fighting terrorism (those terrorists including among others, Seymour Hersh).

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